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What is the WERK Squad?

The WERK Squad is the support group you need when you’re dedicated to your dream. Our private accountability community is the perfect place for you to connect, exchange ideas, learn new tricks, barter your skills/services and get the keys you need to crush your goals. What sets us apart from any other tribe is that our resources provide support for both personal and professional goals, from personal finance to building a personal brand. 


     the deets!!

Hi! I’m Koe

THE creator of the werk squad + werk pray slay

One thing that I’ve learned time and time again is that you ARE who you surround yourself with. The people who you exchange energy with the most will eventually rub off on you whether positively or negatively. Our goal is to create a space that will support you in pursuing your goals and hold you accountable for being the best version of yourself. By plugging into our network, you’ll have access to priceless resources and invaluable relationships. If your circle is a reflection of where you’ve been and not where you’re going, join our community today. We can get there so much sooner, together.

xoxo, Koereyelle

IMAGINE living a life where you:

Wake up each day excited about what’s in store
Are laser-focused on your goals
Invest in yourself consistently by learning new things
Have like-minded women to exchange ideas with
Are truly living on-purpose with clear intentions
Have meaningful relationships w/ like-minded women
Are  part of a network thst supports your success
Have regular access to business grants

We believe that in order to start living the life you’ve been dreaming of, you must:

Set an intention for what you seek

Create a solid strategy for success

Invest in yourself daily

Eliminate distractions

Surround yourself with like-spirited, purpose-driven people

once you join, you’ll have access to:


intention calls

Our Monday morning intention call will give you the jumpstart you need to prepare to live up to your full potential and prioritize your time for the week ahead. These calls are hosted by award-winning entrepreneur David Shands!


expert trainings

Enjoy free werkshops each month with experts who specialize in both personal & professional development. Topics covered include: business development, personal finance, image consulting, relationship readiness, and wealth building.



Get the answers you need to market, build and boost your business during our memebrs only Q&A calls with Koe.


private support group

Our online community is the perfect place for you to share resources, exchange ideas, barter and get feedback and support for your endeavors.

This may not be a good fit for you if:

You’re not interested in personal development (i.e. you’re cool discussing business, but don’t want to evolve personally)

+ You don’t believe in collaboration and are all about competition 

+ You have no interest in adding to a community

+ You have a history of signing up for things and not being engaged/wasting your money (side eye)


You’ll love this if:
You’re looking for a support group to connect and support with
You would love a network to plug into for business start-up and development
You need resources to create income consistently
You need practical resources to develop yourself both personally and professionally
You could use a grant to fund your dream
You truly want to invest in becoming the total package

What’s the total package?


The beautiful thing is that’s up to YOU to decide because we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach. You get to paint your own picture of success, we’re just providing you with the paintbrush.

Although we’re not determining the specifics, our vision of the total package is the woman who’s living her life on her own terms, invested in her happiness, being paid her worth, and is flourishing just as much in her personal life as she is professionally.

We’re talking true happiness.

Living a purpose-driven life that keeps you up at night burning the midnight oil all while enjoying a fulfilling personal life.

You truly can have it all, we just want to help you get there. 



Absolutely, we’re not holding any hostages! If you join the community and feel it’s not a good fit, you can cancel at any time. No hard feelings!


You know it! Our members pay the best prices and get early access to other events throughout the year.

Is this community only beneficial for entrepreneurs?

Nope! We’re created our content with ALL women in mind, whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or starting your own business. Our training topics include: business dev, personal finance, image consulting, relationship readiness, wealth building and more.

Is this open to women outside of the u.s?

Absolutely! As long as you have wifi, you can benefit from this community! For all of our live trainings, replay access will be available and our weekly intention calls are pre-recorded to accommodate varying time zones.

join now and get instant access!


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